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Moonee Valley Council

After Moonee Valley City Council’s (MVCC) new brand was launched, there was a need to unite the signage presence across the municipality, to encourage engagement and connection, whilst remaining suitably accessible. With current signage in the council a complex mixture of old, often confusing, sign types and forms, a robust system was to be implemented to elucidate the signage process and design, covering all communications within the built environment including small, internal artwork plaques; wayfinding finger posts throughout parks and civic centres; and large-scale, external building identification.

A broad signage guidelines document was developed to deliver a cohesive and adaptable signage framework that is highly functional for current and future signage objectives in an easy-to-navigate format. The document outlines the look and feel of each sign, both internal and external, describing the need to decommission, de-clutter and repurpose existing signage within the council, as well as detailing principles relating to allocation, construction, regulations and graphics.

Scope of work:
Signage audit
Signage and wayfinding strategy
Signage and wayfinding system design
Guidelines documentation

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