An image of a dead mouse may strike some as an unconventional label for a premium wine, perhaps even audacious, yet therein lies its essence. Everything concerning Denton Wines exudes singularity, save for the timeless craft of winemaking. Back in the mid 90’s, architect John Denton, went looking for a small block of land in the Yarra Valley to plant a “couple of acres of vines and potter around making wine”. The winery and vineyard sits upon an isolated hill in the middle of the Yarra Valley, on the land of the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung clan of the Kulin Nation. Denton planted vines across the slopes, and built a distinctive, contemporary house that has become a local architectural landmark.

The inaugural label featured a familial artifact: a painting by a great uncle of a dead mouse on a dinner plate being sorrowfully eyed by a fly. Since the first wine release Denton Wines has expanded its range to include Denton Shed and Denton Spectrum, each label bearing the Denton brand while concurrently reflecting the distinct character of the wine.

Denton Wines

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Photography Tim Griffith
Photography Tim Griffith