Contemporary glass art collector, Sandy Benjamin OAM has compiled a remarkable collection of artwork over the last 21 years. Sandy’s journey has moved her through the glass world and into the world of contemporary art where the medium of glass, perhaps together with another medium, has been used to express an idea. It was never about the endpoint but rather about where the journey would take her. The works selected were innovative forms rather than highly coloured or heavily decorated vessels, which is what most people imagine when you talk about a glass collection. Most were cutting edge at the time of their acquisition and had pushed the artists to the limits of their capacity.

Sandy became aware that many people view a collection only through the lens of its documentation, so she decided that she would document the works. She wanted all works to be photographed in situ. The works live together with paintings and textiles, but, usually, it is an ambience that the works create together. The art of book design lies in considering the book as a gallery that a reader develops a relationship with. In the ever evolving digital age, there is something comforting about the printed book, there impact delivers us back to the artists conceptual intent.


Sandy Benjamin

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