Djeembana–Place: a book offering insight into the arts landscape of Melbourne Art Fair and beyond in this crucial moment of re-emergence for the Australian arts sector. Functioning as a comprehensive guide to the 2022 edition of Melbourne Art Fair, the book features works of scale and significance through commissions, installations, video works, live performance, and solo shows presented by leading regional and international galleries.

Featuring insight from foremost Australian art figures through conversations, essays, creative writing, and curatorial analysis, the publication offers a cross-section of the Fair’s expansive history and a vivid look at the contemporary cultural sector of Australasia and beyond, through the work of today’s most evocative living artists, from emerging to established. Uniting it all is an undercurrent of thoughtful ruminations on where we go from here.

Contributors include Alexie Glass-Kantor, Lisa Radford, Bronwyn Johnson, Mariam Cosic, Dr. Gene Sherman, Charles Justin, Ashley Crawford, Nevo Zisin, Hayley Millar Baker, Miriam Arcilla, and many more.


Melbourne Art Foundation

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